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The GRIZZLY BEAR (Ursus arctos) is really just a Brown Bear. Along with Polar Bears, it has the claim to fame of being the largest of all living land carnivores. It also has the reputation of being the Most Dangerous Animal in North America. The mere thought of a Grizzly Bear immediately fills one’s head with images of raw power, force, nature, and in some cases extreme terror, fear and even a mental panic attack!

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Grizzly Bears can also be found on the southern Alaskan costal island of Kodiak, were they are called Kodiak Bears. Like the Florida Panther (also known as - Cougar, Catamount, Puma, & Mountain Lion), they have historically been given different names by the indigenous people sharing their Native Wild Habitat. Brown Bears are normally very dark brown, sometimes even black in appearance, but do vary considerably. The Brown Bears native to the Rocky Mountains seem to tend to have longer back and shoulder hairs that appear encrusted with gray and white color giving them a “Grizzly” appearance. Thus the name “Grizzly Bear” has been forever tagged to animals in that region.

The Grizzly Bear is an incredibly adaptive animal found over vastly varying degrees of habitats in North America, Siberia, Northern and Southern Europe, and Canada! They are even found in Yellowstone National Park!

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Paw Print

The Front Paw Print - Picture of a Grizzly Print, Wyoming 2004
Grizzly Bear - Front Paw Print
Photo above courtesy of
Peter Eades - Original Wildlife Images

The largest Grizzly Bears can be found on the Southern Alaskan coastline and on the Kodiak Islands. Male Brown Bears found in this area have been recorded weighing over 1500 pounds! As amazing as the tremendous weight achieved by this animal is; the fact that this same species of bear’s weight can vary from 1500 pounds or more in Alaska to less then 200 pounds in Europe is also amazing. Check out some Grizzly Bear Pictures of both adult and Baby Grizzly Bear Pictures.

A great way to identify a Brown Bear from a Black Bear is that the Brown Bear has a pronounced shoulder hump, a longer fur pelt and severely longer claws. Grizzly Bear Claws can be over 5 inches long or more and sharper then a JAPANESE SAMURAI SWORD! Grizzly Bear Teeth are also extremely impressive.

Like the Panda Bear, the Brown Bear utilizes “Delayed Implantation”. Mating typically occurs in the months of May and July, but the female does not normally allow the fertilized eggs to be implanted in her uterus until late October or November. This allows her to give birth while she is in hibernation. The Grizzly Bear or Brown Bear Gestation Period usually lasts between 170 and 270 days from mating (delayed by holding fertilized eggs from her uterus).

Like all bears, Grizzly Bears are extremely dangerous animals and should be observed and appreciated from afar. Each year, someone is killed by a Grizzly Bear. This is usually the case when the person used extremely poor judgment and possessed zero common sense and respect towards the animal. This is true of 75% or more Animal Attacks on humans regardless of species. Although this is true, even experts get hurt or killed be these powerful creatures. In fact, very recently, a very famous married pair of scientists and animal behaviorist were killed and partially eaten by a large Male Grizzly bear. These two were internationally known and respected as bear experts and even they could not predict the unpredictable nature of these dangerous animals.

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