Panther -  Puma - Mountain Lion
endangered primates
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Florida Panthers - Pumas - Mountain Lions - Cougars - Felis concolor

Florida Panthers - Pumas - Mountain lions - Cougars are one of the most broadly distributed large mammals in North America. Mostly solitary, adults come together only in the breeding season; for the rest of the year they are extremely territorial. The cats are careful never to have a population density that will in and of itself deplete the food supply. They are primarily nocturnal and crepuscular, but on rare occasions can be observed during the day.

Picture of a Florida Panther
Florida Panther - Puma - Mountain Lion - Cougar - Felis concolor

Body length, 3.5-6 feet
Weight, 66-220 lbs.
Life Cycle:
Weaning, 6 months
Sexual maturity, 1.5-3 years
Life span, 15-18 years
Gestation Period, 92-96 days
Young /birth, 2-4
Birth season, March-April
Mammals of any size, ground dwelling birds, occasionally reptiles
None except man and in areas where they still live, wolves have been observed preying on cougar cubs
Social Structure:
Territory Size:
Approx. 18 square miles but depends on prey density
Conservation Status: Threatened

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